Refrigeration Units

DAS Temperature Control offer a full design, installation, service & maintenance package for the domestic, commercial & industrial market.

From module & bespoke cold-rooms / freezer-rooms to cellar cooling systems we can design, install & control your temperature requirements.

Breakdown & System Fail

Our refrigeration engineers are F-gas certified & can cover all refrigeration systems form integral to split & packaged, we have fully equipped service vehicles carrying a wide range of spares with the aim to get your system back to full working order.

Alarms & Temperature Monitoring

DAS Temperature Control build & install bespoke personnel trapped / panic alarms for cold-room user health & safety, will also install out of hour critical temperature monitoring units with email & text message alerts for high temperature alarms.

Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM)

PPM is key to an efficient running system & can save on costly repairs, DAS Temperature Control will test / monitor each component to maintain optimum performance. A full service report will be completed & logged with any requirements advised.

F-gas & Legislation support:

Refrigeration & air conditioning systems create a carbon footprint from direct and indirect C02 emissions, Direct being the leakage of refrigerant gases to the atmosphere & indirect being CO2 released from system energy consumption. If you operate the day to day running of refrigeration & air conditioning equipment, legislations are in place & must be met. Systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases with C02 equivalent to 5 tonnes or more will require a mandatory leak check complete with leak checking records, this regulation affects refrigeration & air conditioning systems. All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor. Only air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw are affected by these regulations. This will include systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kw but whose combined effective rated output is more than 12kw. The inspections must be no more than five years apart. With refrigerant cost rising & refrigerant phase out happening do you have a plan in place?

DAS Temperature Control can advise you on all up to date legislations & options available, DAS Temperature Control can provide all the necessary documentation to comply with these legislations. Contact us today for more information.